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Terms and Conditions:

If the specified delivery date cannot be met, advise in writing within 48 hours (2 working day) of receipt of PO.

You shall maintain the proper identification and revision status specifications, drawings, process requirements, inspection/verification instructions and other relevant technical data.

Dellcom reserves the right of final approval of product and services, methods process and equipment, and the final release of products and services.

All processes required by this purchase order must be performed by competent qualified personnel.

Dellcom reserves the right to identify the requirements for interaction with our external providers including, but not limited to.  1. The use of interactive documentation. 2. The use of email 3. Documented confirmation methods of all verbal interactions.

Dellcom reserves the right to monitor vendor’s performance including. 1. Supplier Risk 2. Quality of product or service delivered. 3. On time delivery of product or service.

Dellcom reserves the right to designate requirements for verification or validation activities that we or our customer, intend to perform at the external providers’ premises.

Dellcom reserves the right to approve or specify any special requirements, critical items, or key characteristics.

Dellcom reserves the right to approve or specify the use of statistical techniques for product acceptance and related instructions for acceptance by our organization.

A Quality Management System must be implemented, and we reserve the right to review for compliance to AS9100 Rev D.

Where-ever applicable you must use customer-designated or approved external providers, including process sources (special processes)

Notify Dellcom if there is a non-conformance report. Supplier must receive nonconforming product disposition approvals from Dellcom prior to proceeding

Counterfeit Prevention program must be in place and Dellcom reserves the right to require evidence of processes to prevent the use of counterfeit parts.

A) For raw material purchases, a copy of the authorized original mill test report and/or C of C report is required with lot number traceability across all documents in compliance with AS9100 Rev D.

B) For manufactured part purchases a copy of the authorized OCM / OEM C of C with lot traceability from the manufacture and distributor is required in compliance with AS9100 Rev D

Supplier must Notify Dellcom of Changes to Product, Processes, Suppliers and Facilities Supplier shall flow down the supply chain applicable customer requirements.

Suppliers must flow down applicable requirements / terms to external providers including customer requirements.

Supplier shall maintain quality records including, but not limited to, Quality and Engineering records/data for a minimum of 11 years or for the life of aircraft program.

Dellcom, our customers and regulatory authorities requires the right of access to the applicable areas of the facilities and to applicable documented information, at any level of the supply chain.

Goods with shelf life limitations must be labeled with Expiry Date.

Unless otherwise stated on the purchase order, the valid specification revision level in effect at the time the lot was manufactured / processed shall apply.

Dellcom promotes integrity and ethics in all aspects of its activities.  The supplier and its employees are expected, as a minimum, to comply with the provisions of the law and the regulations in each jurisdiction where the supplier operates related to, but not limited to, labour, employment, corruption, bribery, prohibited business practices and extortion.

Dellcom reserves the right to require and request evidence of ensuring that personal are aware of their contribution to product or service conformity and their contribution to product safety.

If a Supplier delivers non-conforming Goods or Services, Dellcom may at its option and at Supplier’s expense (i) return the Goods for credit or refund; (ii) require Supplier to promptly correct or replace the Goods or Services; (iii) correct the Goods or Services; or, (iv) obtain replacement Goods or Services from another source. These remedies are in addition to any remedies Dellcom may have at law or equity.

All costs and expenses and loss of value incurred as a result of or in connection with nonconformance and repair, replacement or other correction may be recovered from Supplier by equitable price reduction or credit against amounts that may be owed to Supplier under the Order and these Terms and Conditions or otherwise.

The goods covered by this Purchase Order shall be packed by the Vendor for shipment to Dellcom in a manner that protects the part(s) from damage during transit.