CNC Equipment

As of November 2022 , Dellcom currently has 16 CNC Milling centres and 9 CNC Lathes. 

Our milling services are capable of high precision, meeting a +/- 5 micron (.0002") tolerance.  Our high speed mills are 3, 4 and 5 axis machines, some equipped with pallet changers in order to increase the production output and lower the production lead times for our customers. 

Turning is achieved on our CNC lathes.  Our lathes are equipped with advanced features such as, twin spindles, live tooling and bar feeders.  These features increase the machines capacity to quickly produce production runs of parts with a .125" to 10" diameter range. 

Prototyping & Rush Orders

Although Dellcom has machines and space supporting large production runs, Dellcom's expertise in Machining also makes our services the preferred choice for many customer's prototyping and rush job needs.  Dellcom is setup to be agile and flexible, allowing us to review, program and run prototype and rush parts in very short order.   This flexbility is of high importance for urgent demands such as Aircraft on Ground response. 


Material Specialties

Dellcom has experience with a large number of materials.  Unlike many aerospace providers who prefer to just work with softer materials such as Aluminum, Dellcom's experience has gained expertise in dealing with harder alloys and exotic materials.  Examples of Materials commonly processed at Dellcom Are:

    Steels (PH13-8, PH15-5, PH17-4, etc...)
    Aluminum Bronze
    Inconel & Waspalloy
    Custom 455
    Aluminums (7075, 2024, 6061, etc...)
    Hardened Steels (Armor and Abrasion Resistant, etc...)